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Can I drive LHD car In The UK

The short answer is yes, if you own 4X4 or SUV left hand drive car in the UK you still can drive it, but you should know that all vehicles in the UK are right hand drive.

Meaning steering wheel is on the right side of the car, this has been the law since the introduction of the highway act of 1835.

Driving left hand drive car in the UK could be also dangerous. The UK roads are designed for right hand drive vehicles, and drivers may not be able to see oncoming traffic when driving a left hand drive car. Additionally, the driver may not be used to the position of the steering wheel, which can lead to dangerous driving.

In general if you have a choice to drive right hand drive car, then its will be better for you because its will be more convenient for you to drive according to the British road law.


Usually left hand drive cars cover by the same policy as right hand drive cars, so its mean you just need a standard car insurance policy.

You only need a standard car insurance policy, but you should ask your insurance company know because driving a left-hand drive car comes with different risks; they should deduce this when you give them your registration number anyway.

There is specialist and expert insurance companies that deal with left-hand drive cars if you are having trouble with your regular insurance company.

You should not have any issue finding left hand drive car cover insurance, because the insurers can tell you out of the number plate whether its right hand drive or left hand drive car. But if your left hand drive car is imported from of the UK in other meaning of the LHD car is registered out of the UK, then you might have limited choice of insurers, because you might need a special insurance policy.

The Cost Of Left Hand Drive Car Insurance

When it comes to car insurance, there is no denying that left-hand-drive cars can be more expensive to insure. This is due to the fact that these vehicles are often imported, and the cost of parts and repairs can be significantly higher than those of a right-hand-drive vehicle. As a result, insurance companies in the UK often charge higher premiums for left-hand-drive vehicles, making them more costly to insure.

Unfortunately, this means that those who own left-hand-drive vehicles are often forced to pay more for their insurance than those who own right-hand-drive vehicles. This is an unfair burden to place on drivers, as the cost of insurance should not be determined by the make or model of the left hand drive vehicle.

 It is also concerning that insurance companies are willing to charge higher premiums for left-hand-drive vehicles, as this could potentially lead to higher costs for all drivers. So its better if you own a left hand drive car in the UK is to look for a trusted LHD dealer like to sell it, we guarantee that you get the best possible price for your LHD car.

Find Quiet Places To Practice Driving
Left Hand Drive Car

It’s really easy to sell a left hand drive car in the UK or Europe just contact

Driving a left-hand drive car on UK roads can be a daunting experience for many drivers in the UK. It is very different from driving a right-hand drive car, as you are much closer to the curb.

 This can be a difficult adjustment, as many drivers will instinctively drift towards the center of the road, which can be dangerous and block oncoming traffic. We strongly advise against this practice, as it can be hazardous to both yourself and other drivers.

It is important to remember that driving a left-hand drive car on UK roads requires a different approach than driving a right-hand drive car. You must be mindful of the fact that you are much closer to the curb, and take extra care to stay in your lane.

It can be difficult to adjust to the new position, but with practice and patience, you will soon be comfortable driving in this manner. For these reasons its better for you as left hand driver its to go to quiet places and road and start practice till you became very familiar with the British roads and rules.


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